Accurate Drain Surveys in Worthing for Blocked Toilets & Blocked Drains

Some of the most common drainage-related problems suffered by Worthing homeowners are blocked drains and blocked toilets. On this page, the MPL Drainage Solutions team has jotted down a few of things that cause these issues, and how to avoid suffering them. If you’re looking to book CCTV drain surveys, gutter cleaning or require any of the other solutions detailed on our Services page, pick up the phone and call 07954 465 765.


Common Causes of Blocked Drains & Blocked Toilets in Worthing


Fat & Grease – We recommend Worthing homeowners and commercial customers avoid pouring fat and grease down the sink, as this can significantly increase the chances you’ll soon suffer from blocked drains (a whopping 3/4 of all blocked drains are caused by oil, grease and fat). This is because these substances can stick to your pipes and any other debris that finds its way into your system. You’d be amazed at the items we find caught up with grease and fat when running CCTV drain surveys. A good alternative measure is to wait for a pan to cool down then use paper towels to mop up the grease/fat. These can then be safely disposed of in the bin.


Toiletries – Blocked toilets and blocked drains are often a result of toiletries being flushed and clogging up the pipes. Certain items like sanitary towels, wet wipes and cotton wool buds shouldn’t be flushed as they are usually not designed to be. The general rule we advise Worthing homeowners to live by, is if it isn’t toilet paper, don’t flush it! This way, you’ll massively reduce the chance you’ll suffer blocked toilets.


Hair – This one can be a bit tricky to avoid, as over time a bath or shower will collect hair which can tangle up and get stuck down a drain. But there are ways to reduce the chance you’ll suffer blocked drains due to a build-up of hair, like installing a device which collects hair before it makes its way into your system. These are very cheap and available at most general trade stores in and around Worthing.


Leaves – A real nuisance during the autumn months, leaves can cause blocked drains if left unchecked. This is why we offer the Worthing area a gutter cleaning service. We’ll dispose of all the leaves and foliage that are threatening your drainage system or causing it to work slowly/inefficiently. Our gutter cleaning offering is distinctly affordable and saves you lots of hard work bending over again and again. For more difficult gutter cleaning jobs, we can even employ CCTV drain surveys to ensure yours is as clean as they come.


Foreign Objects – It’s incredible some of the items we’ve found as the cause of blocked drains and blocked toilets in our years’ operating in and around Worthing. Households with young children may know the pain of finding a toy half way stuck down the loo, and that’s fairly normal by our standards! Once again, avoid putting anything down your drain other than water and tissue paper, and you’re unlikely to suffer any drainage problems!


Suffering from blocked drains or blocked toilets in the Worthing area? Call MPL Drainage Solutions today on 07954 465 765!

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